Want to SEe real change
in your life?

I know you’re tired of living with exhaustion and overwhelm.

I’ve been there!

I’ve lived through stress and depression. I’ve worked 18-hour days while serving within my church AND still managing my home. Trust me- I get “busy”. 

Are you ready to up-level your experience?

Upgrade your course experience for more clarity,
guided walk-thrus & individual coaching

Do you have what it takes?

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The free version of TRANSFORM the OVERWHELM is a great place to start, and I know the content will be useful and engaging. But there are some drawbacks of a email-driven course. 

The content is delivered daily, which means you can’t work ahead if you get ahead of schedule. The workbook is fabulous, but you won’t be able to edit the content to fit your lifestyle. There are video tutorials to show you the process visually, beyond a written process. It can get confusing sometimes, to follow all the steps and get through all the details. 

That’s why I created the UPGRADED course for you- and I know you’re going to love it! 

  • Permanent, instant access to all course lessons. The free version is delivered email-only, but by upgrading, you'll get to take all 7 lessons today and return whenever you need for easy-access!
  • Video Tutorials of most lessons. Follow along as I sort through and plan my own tasks and schedule - I'll share with you many tips & tricks that help me get organized and defeat overwhelm.
  • EDITABLE Course printables so you can update for your style & needs.
  • Tutorial explaining how to edit printables.
  • Lifetime access to course along with all future updates and additions.
  • 30-Day Priority support - if you have questions during the process and need additional support or direction, contact me and I'll work with you to feel accomplished and peaceful. (This feature will be moving to the PREMIUM upgrade soon, so purchase now to ensure access!)
  • Feedback and community with your peers.
  • Everything included in the Basic Course Upgrade
  • EDITABLE DAILY and WEEKLY sheets - gain access to my signature printables - the sheets that help me stay focused and productive through 16-hour work days, serving in my church and managing my home. Customize and update them to fit your individual needs.
  • Additional Trainings and lessons not included in the basic course.
  • CUSTOM Printable request - can't find the perfect printable to fit your needs? Let me know what you're looking for and I'll custom make it- just for you! Includes your choice of format, fonts, colors and up to 2 revisions.
  • Lifetime Access to bonuses and any additional content added in the future.

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

this offer will expire in...

are you willing to invest in your future and sanity?

How much is your time worth? Your frustrations and stress won’t stress itself. You have to put the work in. You have to decide if the benefit you will recieve from tackling your schedule and organizing your life is worth the time and financial investment I’m asking from you. If you trust me to work you through the process, I promise you’ll see results. What do you say- are you ready to “put some skin into the game”?

i'm ready to invest in myself!

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